Blackbird's Tree Planting Program

In 2015, Blackbird's management team, spearheaded by Garth Braun, Chairman, CEO and President, decided to develop a plan to minimize and offset its environmental impact. Upon careful consideration, it was determined that the best way for Blackbird to offset this impact was through the previously announced Peace River Region Tree Planting Program ("TPP"). Planting trees has two primary benefits:

1.Planting trees restores habitat that offsets trees cleared as part of pad and infrastructure development; and

2.Planted trees consume and store the CO2e that is emitted through the flaring of natural gas during initial production testing.

In order to provide these benefits to the environment and community, Blackbird partnered with The Carbon Farmer to plant trees in northwestern Alberta. Blackbird implemented the TPP with the original goal of planting 100,000 trees. Subsequently in August 2016, Garth Braun announced this commitment would be extended to a total of 200,000 trees.

The TPP is being embraced by the Calgary business community. In recent months, Blackbird, Dundee Securities Ltd., Haywood Securities Inc., Scotiabank, Raymond James Ltd., Cormark Securities Inc. and Mackie Research Capital Corp. pledged an additional 33,500 trees, bringing the total trees pledged to date to 50,579.

Trees Planted Goal
50,579 200,000

These trees have a 100 year commitment!

This commitment will restore approximately 133,000 square meters (~33 acres) of boreal forest on conserved land that was previously cleared for farming. This is equivalent to the area of more than 84 NHL rinks and will more than offset the trees removed as part of Blackbird’s 2016 operations.

In addition, according to Tree Canada, 50,579 trees also have the potential to store 25,664 tonnes of CO2e. In comparison, a typical natural gas flare permit for one well is approximately 610 e3m3 (~21 mmcf) of natural gas, which produces approximately 1,250 tonnes of CO2 when flared.

The TPP is a completely voluntary pursuit, above and beyond any regulatory requirements for reclamation and emissions reductions currently in place for Blackbird's operations.

Planting 200,000 trees in northwest Alberta is an ambitious goal by any standard. With these recent material contributions, Blackbird is well on its way to achieving this lofty goal. More importantly,Blackbird is making a positive impact to our environment and community, one tree at a time!

Tree Match 2016

We invite all of our stakeholders to join us in our goal towards 200,000 trees with our latest tree matching initiative.

We have completed our initial tree planting match for 2016 but now will commit to match an additional 10,000 trees that are planted by our stakeholders and partners. The cost of each tree is $1.99 and will assist in the restoration of watersheds, prevent soil erosion, and create fertilizer to boost plant growth, break winds and enhance the habitat for wildlife.

Directions to Pledge

Option 1: Purchase Trees through Telephone

  • Call 1.888.9OFFSET (1.888.963.3738)
  • Ask to plant trees in Blackbird Energy's forest

Option 2: Purchase Trees through Carbon Farmer Website

  • Visit and create an account with the Carbon Farmer.
  • After creating an account and logging in, click "Purchase" in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Enter the number of trees you would like planted, add them to the cart, and click "Checkout"
  • Follow the checkout process: confirm the number of trees you would like to purchase, accept the purchase agreement, and click "Pay Now"
  • You will be redirected to the Create Codes page, in the left column choose "Blackbird Energy" from the drop down menu below Public Forests. In the middle column, enter "1" for codes, and in the right column enter the number of trees you purchased. Then click create.

Our Tree Planting Partners